Item # DMC-6-8N-S, DMC-N Male Connector Tube Fittings


Most Dk-Lok male connectors can be bored-through thermocouple fittings except those fittings with small male thread like 1/8 in. To order, insert T in DMC male connector part number. Example: DMCT8-8N-S

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Installation Instructions

Dk-Lok bored-through fittings have no shoulder or sizing angle inside the body. This allows thermocouples or dip tubes to pass beyond the fitting male thread.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Position the length of thermocouple to pass through fitting male thread and hold it to prevent shifting during assembly.
  2. Wrench tightens the nut 1 1/4 turns from finger tight position, keeping the body steady with backup wrench.

Tighten the nut 3/4 turn for 1/8, and 3/16; 3, and 4mm tube fittings.



Z Series Ferrule Material Moly Coating
No Stainless Steel 316/316L None



D-Tube O.D. Thread Type T-Thread Size E-Min. h-Width Across Flat H-Width Across Flat A B I L
3/8 in NPT 1/2 7.1 mm 7/8 in 11/16 in 16.8 mm 19.3 mm 38.9 mm 46.2 mm


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